The 2008 Beijing Olympics

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In 2007, PAK took part in the bid for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games projects. With our high quality and professionally designed products, comprehensive lighting systems and many other  advantages over our competitors, PAK successfully won the bids of 15 venues of the Beijing Olympics. Signature fixtures that were custom made and designed by PAK include the “China Red”  wall wash light, stair light, “little nest” outdoor landscape bollard light.

PAK’s products were widely used in the National Stadium(the Nest),  the Hockey Gymnasium of the Olympic Park, National Conference Center, the Archery Gymnasium of the Olympic Park, the National Conference Center, Haiding Gymnasium, Chaoyang Gymnasium, the Gymnasium of Peking University, the Olympic Games Media Village, Laoshan Velodrome,  Ditan Gymnasium, the Gymnasium of University of Science and Technology Beijing, the Gymnasium of Beijing University of Technology, Shijingshan Gymnasium, Qingdao Olympic Games Sailing Center, and the Football Training Field of the Olympic Games Sports Center. With the 15 projects of the Beijing Olympics, this makes PAK the lighting enterprise that won the most bids for a domestic brand.

PAK is proud to announce that our supply of lighting products to the games have exceeded the standards of previous Olympic Games projects. This was concluded on the grounds of complex data evaluation by the Olympic Committee and stakeholders.

Humanity, Green Olympics, Scientific Olympics”,  these were three concepts the Beijing Olympics focused on. Following the theme for this years Olympics, green energy-saving lighting has become the main topic of lighting designers for the projects. Since PAK has been devoting to the R&D and application of green energy-saving products, it was the clear choice for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Some of our products that were used for the games are as follows:

  • The National Stadium(the  Birds Nest)

Concept: China Red, to let the Nest have a red heart with shadowless lighting

Key Products: T5 linear polarized wallwasher, “Little-Nest” shaped CFL lawn light (bollard)

The “Birds Nest” Stadium

  • the Hockey & Archery venues of the Olympic Park

The total area of the Hockey stadium is 15,546 square meters, which is made up by court A, B and 14 annexes. It is the major hockey venue for Beijing Olympic Games 2008 and also the best hockey venue in China.

The total area of the archery gymnasium is 8,609 square meters.

Key Products: 2,000W & 1,000W Floodlights and  Projector Light, Courtyard lighting (Post Tops), Energy Efficient Indoor T5 lighting fixtures, PAK electronic ballasts

Hockey and Archery Venues

PAK Post Tops at the Hockey Stadium

  • Laoshan Velodrome

The main area of the Laoshan Velodrome covers 32,920 square meters. The Velodrome is a unique all-weather indoor track cycling venue with wooden floorboards. Anti-glare lighting is an important issue at this venue as the glare from lights could distract the athletes’ performance. Also,  high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) was needed in this project for better TV coverage requirements.  Therefore, all lighting products has to be in accordance with the strict design standards and satisfy the energy-saving requirements. PAK’s designers made good use of the natural lighting system available and together,  ” harmonic” lighting effect was achieved.

Key Products: Metal Halide Spotlights, Commercial Downlights

Laoshan Velodrome

  • The Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium

Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium is the venue for the judo and Taekwondo events. The venue covers an area of 2.38 hectares and the total floor space of construction reaches 24,662 square metres. PAK used 148 sets of specially designed light conduits to allow for daylight into the arena, reducing electricity costs and an improvement over conventional lighting solutions. PAK engineers also designed and chose the best lighting solution on energy efficiency, luminance, vertical luminance and colour rendering index (CRI) for high-definition digital TV recording requirement.

Products: Lighting Conduit, Energy-saving Lamps and Fixtures

Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium

  • Peking University Gymnasium

The Peking University Gymnasium is the main venue for the table tennis events. The lighting control of the indoor section gymnasium adopted intelligent lighting control systems that work on different pre-set modes to satisfy the TV broadcasting requirements. Sporting arenas typically require many control options for lighting. Lighting fixtures has to be started quickly and adopt to frequent operation. Therefore, PAK specially designed a series of ballast with special APFC circuits for higher performance and energy efficiency.

Key Products: Electronic ballasts with special APFC circuits

Peking University Gymnasium

  • Ditan Gymnasium

The Ditan Gymnasium is where the Weight Lifting Contest of the 11th Asian Games, Asian Youth Handball Championship and other significant international contests were held. During the 2008 Olympic Games, the gymnasium is used for athletes training of volleyball, handball and table tennis as well as a reception area. A refurbishment project was put in place for the 2008 Olympics to revive the old gymnasium whilst maintaining its heritage. With professional design software, it was verified that the old metal halide lighting fixtures were to be replaced with PAK’s new high-efficient lighting fixtures in the indoor arena.

Key Products: High performance energy-saving lighting fixtures

  • The National Conference Center

The National Conference Center is one of the most attractive building in Beijing. For the top arc of the center, PAK used the grille energy-saving fluorescent lighting fixtures with high luminous effect and high CRI lamps. In addition, because the center was designed with a “sinked” garden which is 7-meters lower than the ground, with a 4-angle raised roof and an upside arc angled downwards to recycle rain water, it requires waterproof and dustproof lighting fixtures reaching IP65 for indoor lighting. PAK chose specially designed anti-shock and waterproof fluorescent lighting fixtures for this project.

Key Products: Grille energy-saving fluorescent fixtures, Fluorescent lamps, Shock resistant and waterproof fixtures.

National Conference Center

For such a significant Olympic Games design project, PAK’s designers had followed the concept of green energy-saving as the unique standard for product design and project application design. As a result, every product can be integrated into the building space structure and functional scheme distribution. Also, the importance of maintaining the original architectural characteristics and existing ecological environment.

We believe that the professional lighting design for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games venues not only exceeds the demand of international standard games but also sparked a lot of interest in our lighting solutions and effects. We are proud to be part of the successful 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.