Olympics Beijing 2008 project in progress

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After the strict selection process by the Beijing Olympic Organization Committee and experts group, PAK has become a collaborator of the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 with its specialty quality products, professional illumination design, technical ability, production scale and qualified lighting fixture supplier after winning tenders in many gymnasiums for the Olympic event. As of May 2007, PAK’s products have successfully been installed in Gymnasium of China Agricultural University, Laoshan Bicycle Gymnasium, Hockey Gymnasium & Archery Gymnasiums of the Olympic Park, as well as Beijing Olympic Chaoyang Gymnasium & Ditan Gymnasium (Training Gymnasium).

1. Gymnasium of China Agricultural University

The comprehensive gymnasium of China Agricultural University is divided into a major section and an annex section, with a building area of 23, 950sqm. The major section of this  gymnasium is for the wrestling events, while the annex section and five other locations inside is for sports event management, organisation and operation, as well as  athletes rest, warm-up and training area, etc..

While designing indoor lighting fixtures for the major gymnasium and annex, both the design and construction unit requires strict standards on brightness, vertical illuminance, high color rendering index (CRI) and energy-saving efficiencies. The proposed lighting fixtures were also specified through repeated tests and developments to achieve the design and required lighting effect specified by the committee.

2. Laoshan Velodrome

The Laoshan Velodrome with a 32,920sqm main building area, is a unique all-weather indoor arena for the track cycling events. From Courtyard lighting to security exit lighting, every product must be collaborated strictly in accordance with the design standards. After winning the tender, PAK adjusted its production plan in time, suppling products in the shortest time and arranged an after-sales service team. With the determined efforts of our team, we completed the installation in record time, gaining good reputation among contractors and construction units.

3. Hockey & Archery Gymnasiums of the Olympic Park

PAK’s high-efficient energy-saving lighting fixtures were applied to the Hockey Gymnasium and annex. The requirements for the hockey  and archery gymnasium for light distribution features, power density, color rendering index (CRI) and glare control are much higher than for most common lighting fixtures. PAK’s new T5 lighting fixtures with high performing electronic ballasts were widely used in the indoor areas for the two gymnasiums. PAK lighting fixtures lowers interference to other electronic equipment and reduce electricity consumption, this goes in line with the spirit of the  “Green” Olympic Games perfectly.

4. Beijing Olympic Chaoyang Gymnasium & Ditan Gymnasium (Training Gymnasiums)

The Chaoyang Gymnasium & Ditan Gymnasium are both very comprehensive gymnasiums. The specifiers of the Olympic Organization Committee  proposed lighting “reform” to re-design and rebuild the locations inside the gymnasium in accordance with the standards of the international games without any increase in electrical load ratings. With high consideration towards circuit load and lighting control etc, both gymnasiums had chosen to use high-efficient and energy-saving lighting fixtures. At present, PAK lighting fixtures are being installed into the two gymnasiums.  After the approvals to supply to many of Olympic Games gymnasiums, PAK will continue to contribute to the Olympic Game venues in the following months.