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S369 LED Track Light


Streamline elegant design, Inspired from the SportsCar

High grade COB LED with uniform colour consistency and high CRI

Aluminium-alloy heat sink system with cross-ventilation design (Computer simulations and practical tests ensures the junction temperature does not exceed 80°C), efficaciously prolongs LED lifespan

Integrated lens design with high central luminous intensity and precise, even light distribution

Patented design integrated control gear box, built-in high conversion efficiency LED driver, with constant power output

Precise and firm adjustments, designed not to change after long-term use

Technical Specifications:


10W: 161 H, 148 L, 76 D

18W: 161 H, 148 L 76 D

28W: 161 H, 148 L, 90 D

Fixture Colours: White and Black

Lumens: 900lm, 1600lm, 2400lm

Beam Angle: 24°

CCT: 3000K, 4000K

S369 LED Track Light
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