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S110 LED Spotlight


Aluminium frame with electrophoresis treatment, smooth and bright.

Specialized heat sink system with cross-ventilation design, effectively dissipates heat from LED chips.

High grade COB LED with uniform colour consistency and high CRI(Up to 80); Long life with light decay less than 30% when 30000 hours.

Integrated optical lens, ensure even light distribution; Step-type surface frame for better glare control.

Built-in Constant Current dedicated LED driver, with conversion rate up to 88%

Technical Specifications:

Power: 4W, 6W, 10W

CCT: 3000K, 4000K

Lumens: 320lm, 500lm, 750lm

Voltage: 220V

Beam Angle: 15°,24°

Colour: White and Black

Cutout: ȼ65, ȼ75

Fixture Size: ȼ78x51, ȼ88x55.5, ȼ88x60.5

S110 LED Spotlight
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