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S636 Series LED Grille Light


Outstanding texture, with golden ratio, beautiful and harmonious;The fifth-generation Fresnel TIR lens light distribution system used, with advanced optical design, accurate light distribution and uniform light spots;Calculus black light technology, professionally designed shading structure, with excellent glare control effect,UGR<10;International brand LED, Ra≥90, R9≥50, with pure light color, excellent color rendering effect, good color temperature consistency;High thermal conductivity aluminum housing, for excellent heat dissipation, with plastic sleeve spring clip, easy installation;Vertical 30°+horizontal 350° three-dimensional adjustment of the irradiation direction, free adjustment and application.

Technical Specifications:

Power: 1x15W/2x15W, 1x25Q/2x25W, 1x35W/2x35W

CCT: 3000K/4000K/5000K

CRI: Ra≥90, R9≥50

Beam Angle: 24°

Luminous Efficacy: ≥85 lm/W

Cut-out (mm): 115x115/207x115, 130x130/245x130

Installation: Recessed

Driver LED constant current driver

P.F: ≥0.9

Voltage AC220V

Lumens: 1275lm, 2975lm, 2550lm, 4250lm, 5950lm

Colour White

Fixture size (mm) 125x125x104mm

S636 Series LED Grille Light
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