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A08 LED Troffer


Material: Fixture base constructed from cold-rolled steel, electrostatic powder coated finish; Dustproof PC diffused cover with excellent high penetration, soft lighting and even distribution.

LED Driver: Dedicated constant current LED driver, with power supply efficiency ≥80%, power factor ≥0.95, energy saving and high efficiency; imported key components are with stable performance and high reliability.

More convenient: copper alloy wire grip used to adjust the length of the hanging wire, which is easier to confirm the appropriate height of light.

More comfortable: With excellent color consistency, color tolerance <3, CRI ≥80, flicker free and no noise.

Longer life: High-quality LED chipset dissipates heat to the lamp body through close-fitting thermally conductive silicone, which prolongs led lifespan and saves maintenance costs. There are no holes and gaps on the lamp body for dustproof and anti-insect effect.

More scientific: professional and scientific light distribution design, and high transmittance PS material diffused cover, for even and soft light effect and eye protected.

More unique: Stylish, unique, high-grade and artistic lamp body, meets the customer's personalized needs.

Technical Specifications:

Lumens: 1224lm/1120lm/2464lm/2336lm/3480lm/3150lm

Product Size (mm): 1200x100x60/1200x150x60/1200x200x60


A08 LED Troffer
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