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B10 LED Troffer


Fixture Material

Fixture base constructed from cold-rolled steel, electrostatic powder coated finish;

Dustproof PS diffused cover with excellent high penetration, soft lighting and even


Light Source

High grade LED chipset with uniform colour consistency and high CRI;

Luminous efficacy up to 80lm/W.

Control gear

Built-in constant current external LED driver;

High quality electrical components for superior reliability, with protection functions

such as open circuit, short circuit and over voltage, etc;

Installation: Ceiling-mounted / hanging wire.

Technical Specifications:

Power: 24W/32W/64W

CCT: 4000K/6500K

Luminous Efficacy: 80lm/W

Voltage: AC220V 50Hz

Installation: Ceiling Mounted/ Hanging Wire

P.F.: 24W : 0.5, 32W/64W: 0.95

CRI: ≥ 80

Lumens: 1920lm /2560 lm / 5120lm

IP Rating: IP20

Flicker free, Tested by IEC and IEEE Standards

Fixture Size (mm): 600x300x35/ 600x600x35/ 1200x300x35/ 1200x600x35

B10 LED Troffer
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